Westchester Resident Services

HOA Management

Crest Management

Community Manager

Heather E


Community Accountant

Tammy A


Assistant Manager


Harris County Constable Precinct 5

I'll add more about our contract with the constables here.

In the meantime, please call 281-463-6666 if you need assistance.

Trash and Recycling

Texas Pride Disposal

Trash pick-up is every Tuesday & Friday (back door service for residential trash bins, but all yard waste and large/heavy items must be at the curb).


Recycling pick-up is Tuesday (please leave clearly visible from curb)

Homeowners may contact 281-342-8178 or email service@texaspridedisposal.com for any issues.


How should I bundle recyclables?

Texas Pride Disposal requests that residents NOT BAG RECYLEABLES.
Due to safety and productivity, recycling centers do not open up plastic bags to sort their contents. They simply remove the bags and contents and discard them as contamination. If you need to bag your recyclables, use paper bags or cardboard boxes. Please place acceptable items dry, clean and loose in your recycling container.

Pool Management

Aquatics Advisors

They provide lifeguards, swim lessons, etc (more on this later).