Pool & Tennis Club Resources

All pool and tennis club users must register and pay annual dues as set each year by the HOA Board.  Use the links below to sign up, rent the pavilion, and gain access to the gates.

Westchester Pool and Tennis Club

Annual Membership



Please complete all three steps:


2 SIGN WAIVER (1 for each aged 18+)




Westchester Residents $325

Non-Residents $400



Westchester Residents $375

Non-Residents $450



Westchester Pool

MONDAYS Closed for weekly maintenance
May 20-23:  Closed
May 27: Open for Annual Summer Kickoff 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
May 28: Closed
June 29: Closes Early at 5:00 PM
 July 4: Opens Early at 10:00 AM
Aug 12+: Only open on weekends
Sept 2: Opens Early at 10:00 AM
 SEASON ENDS September 15

Pavilion Rentals

Members may reserve the pool pavilion for  children's birthday parties, graduation celebrations, or other private events. Lifeguards are required year-round for all pavilion events.
To check availability and reserve, submit a request form on Sweetwater Pools website.  For complete details of the service provided by Sweetwater Pool, visit their detailed information page.



Contact for more information about reserving the pavilion and/or hosting events at the pool and tennis club.

dolphins logo

Westchester Dolphin Swim Team

Every Westchester Dolphin swim team family must register for Annual Membership to the Pool & Tennis Club under the appropriate resident status.  This helps keep our pool facilities in working order, and grants swim team families access to the pool for the entire summer. 

  • Dues are per household, not per swimmer. 
  • You do not have make a second payment on top of the regular Annual Membership.
  • The Board will coordinate with the swim team to ensure no duplicate payments are made. 
  • Additional fees, forms, and requirements may be directed by the swim team.  Visit their site for more information.

My child is on the Dolphins Swim Team. How many memberships do we need?

One.  Each household pays a maximum of 1 annual membership per year.  Families that participate in swim team MUST register for the annual membership according to their resident status. Recreational use of the pool after swim season is available to swim team families until the pool closes in September.

How do I access the Pool and Tennis gates?

In early 2024, we moved to an electronic gate access system called Brivo.  You must download the Android or iOS Brivo app to your mobile phone AND request access from the Board via this form.

Watch this instructional video to become familiar with the mobile phone app.  We have also documented the setup steps in a printable PDF here.

Remember to have your Bluetooth ON as you approach the Pool and Tennis Club. Hold your phone near the Brivo lockbox, and select the appropriate gate to enter.


Further information can be found here.

Who manages our pool?

We have contracted Sweetwater Pools to manage our pool for the 2024 season.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following year-round services:

  • American Red Cross Certified Managers, Assistant Managers, & Lifeguards for the pool season and private events at the Westchester Pavilion
  • Twice-a-day inspection during the active swim season; twice-a-week during the off-season
  • A dedicated Client Services Director to address requests, questions, and concerns 
  • Pre-Season pool facility inspection to ensure we meet compliance standards

Sweetwater Pools also encourages us to remember: Your recreation center is the most expensive investment your community has.

Do not hesitate to can contact Sweetwater Pools directly with any questions regarding pool services:

Phone: 281-988-8480  

Who maintains the facilities and grounds?

The Board trustees handle as many small repairs and projects as possible for the Pool and Tennis Club facilities and grounds.  Additionally, the VP/Pool, Trash & Pests, and Maintenance trustees coordinate to ensure all third-party services are provided for the keep the facilities  appropriately accessible and in working order year-round.  Without their dedication, our beloved community center would be in disrepair.  Please lend a hand whenever you can!

What's going on with the Club remodel?

We have assembled a committee of active community members and board trustees to oversee plans for repairing and improving our Pool and Tennis Club facilities over the next few years.  Details about the committee and updates they provide can be found at the bottom of this page.



In early 2024, we moved to an electronic gate access system called Brivo. Only members that have paid current annual dues will be granted access to the electronic locks.


1 Request access from the Board via this form.

Follow the instructions in the email to setup the Android or iOS Brivo app on your mobile phone

Confirm your pass was added.  Contact if you cannot complete this step.


Watch this instructional video to become familiar with the mobile phone app.  We have also documented the setup steps in a printable PDF here.



  • Have your Bluetooth ON as you approach the Pool and Tennis Club
  • Hold your phone near the Brivo lockbox
  • Select the appropriate gate to unlock
  • Listen for the sound of the lock opening
  • Enter through the gate

Westchester Tennis and Pool Club Renovations Project

In the summer of 2023, the HOA Board culled together engaged and proactive members of the community to form a committee to guide and progress much-needed facilities improvements related to the Westchester Tennis and Pool Club. The committee comprises dedicated and passionate individuals, each committed to making our pool area an even more enjoyable and functional space for everyone, while keeping us fiscally and socially responsible.  

The goal is to explore options for updating the Westchester Club facilities.  The committee has carefully reviewed the current structures and amenities at the pool and tennis courts and will actively seek input from fellow neighbors to understand specific preferences and suggestions. We are committed to keeping everyone informed every step of the way and will share detailed updates as we move forward.
If you have any questions or additional suggestions, please feel free to reach out to any of the committee members. Your input remains crucial to our success. Thank you for your support and trust in our efforts.

Committee Members