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Welcome to the NEW Westchester Newsletter

In an effort to streamline and modernize our communications, we will begin sharing our monthly newsletters via our dynamic website.  You'll find all the same information as before, with the added bonus of having access to "everything Westchester" all in one location.  We hope you find this format helpful.  Please do share with us your thoughts! 

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Next HOA Meeting: Tues April 16, 2024 from 6-7 PM in St. John Vianney Room E-9

A new board was elected at the February 20th HOA meeting after a month delay due to the January weather cancellation.  At the meeting Sy and Dath presented a list of accomplishments of the 2023 term. The majority of the newly elected board remains the same as 2023, with a few new faces joining the team along with some rotation of responsibilities. View the complete Letter from the Board below. We’re looking forward to a productive 2024 of service!

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Join us for a Family Easter Egg Hunt on SATURDAY, MARCH 23 at 3 PM at NHE.  Please drop labeled bags with 12 eggs/child containing non-melting age-appropriate (0-2 years or 3-5+) treats to Ilene Ferguson @ 14706 Oak Bend Dr or An Le @ 14619 River Forest Dr.


We have installed new smart-phone based e-locks on the Tennis & Pool gates.  Be sure to register any phone(s) you will use at the gate for access.  Find complete access instructions here.  Thanks to all the neighbors who helped test this new feature!


Annual registration begins Monday, March 18, 2024!  Applications and payment will be handled fully online this year. Early bird rates ($325 residents/$400 non-residents) are available through May 31.  Hope to see you this summer!


Westchester is part of the Memorial Super Neighborhood.  The next meeting is Monday, March 25 at the Nottingham Forest Club.


Please remember! DO NOT BAG RECYCLEABLES. Please place acceptable items dry, clean and loose in your recycling container.

Check out one of neighbor's articles for more information on recycling best practices. 


No updates for March.  

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Bloom Where You are Planted

Apply a high-quality all-nitrogen or high-nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn in mid-March after all chance of a freeze is past. Spring-blooming azaleas can be safely pruned as much as one-third of their height after they have bloomed. Pruning them later than June after their buds begin to set for next year will lessen the number of blooms they will have next spring. If pruning is desired for repeat blooming azaleas (Encore azaleas, etc.), they should also be pruned after they bloom in the spring.

Crape Myrtles can be pruned by removing unwanted trunks and branches but try to refrain from “topping” them. Contrary to what is often claimed, gardening professionals are adamant that it delays their first bloom cycle
and does not cause them to bloom more at any time. Cut back ornamental grasses before new shoots appear. Wear gloves since their edges can be sharp. Divide the clumps if necessary.

Cool-season annuals such as petunias, sweet alyssum, lobelia, larkspurs, stocks, calendulas, foxglove and other early spring color can be planted as early in the month as possible to maximize their bright colors before the hot weather hits. Warm-season annuals such as impatiens, wax begonias, coleus, vincas, pentas, moss rose, fan flower, angelonia, celosia, and marigolds, etc. can be planted as they become available. If desired apply a broadleaf weedkiller spray containing 2,4-D to eliminate broadleaf (non-grassy) weeds. Follow the label directions carefully.
Apply liquid or granular all-nitrogen or high-nitrogen fertilizer as desired to blooming flowers, etc. following label instructions.

These tips are drawn from Lone Star Gardening by Neil Sperry and The River Oaks Garden Club’s A Garden Book for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast, 5th edition. The latter book advocates organic gardening practices but has a wealth of information specific to our area that is useful to all.


Reach 450+ readers a month!

Email us for more information.




Reach 450+ readers a month!

Email us for more information.

Yard of the Month

Sponsored by: Keller Williams Realty - Memorial

Congratulations to our January and February Yard-of-the-Month winners!  Look out for March and April winners in the next issue.

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Feature: Letter from the Board

Happy Spring, Westchester!

We have had a later start than usual for the 2024 board this year due to the winter freeze, but we’ve been planning another great year for the residents. I’m pleased with the progress the previous WOC board made in all areas, especially impressed with the pool replastering, tennis court upgrades and the accounting catch on the overpaid sales tax. I hope to continue building on those improvements into 2024.

I’d like to thank our residents for the support at the February Annual Meeting. I hope you enjoyed learning about the board’s plans for the year ahead and appreciate all the feedback!

While we improved our communication on Facebook last year, we recognize that the monthly newsletter is often difficult to produce in a timely manner and provide the useful information residents (especially newcomers) would like more of. We’ve listened to the feedback given by our new Westchester citizens, and we’re trying to deliver. We hope to connect the community website to our social groups in a more efficient way and allow for more transparency on upcoming projects and initiatives which will take significant efforts this year.

I am pleased with the progress of the Pool Improvement Committee and intend to share updates on their progress as received. For those who could not attend the annual meeting, the committee is proposing a remodel of the existing bathroom facility to replace fundamental structural problems and create a “family restroom” which is one of the main difficulties of the existing facility for families with young children. I applaud their effort and realize the high bar the neighborhood sets to trust us with executing a significant capital improvement like this. I promise that this board is singularly focused on making the best investment to improve our community and intends to reach out to every resident before attempting the community vote.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve this community and your continued support. I look forward to seeing you all at our meetings, our pool events, and on regular walks around our great neighborhood! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback or questions. 

Here to serve,

Sy Zaidi

We appreciate your attention

Reach out to us with pertinent neighborhood and surrounding community news and updates, recommendations for families to feature in upcoming issue, and any advertising needs you may have.  We reach just under 500 readers a month!

Your 2024 Westchester Owner's Committee Board Trustees:

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