Board Summary on Club/Pool Updates and Upcoming Vote Proposals

Update of the state of our pool and club projects.

Join us for a question and answer session SUNDAY OCTOBER 16 4:30-5:30 at the Pool Pavilion.

When this Board started in mid-January 2022, we were determined to accomplish three things: Be sure there would be a swim season for the year, improve communication with the neighborhood, and come up with a reasonable plan to reinvigorate our Club assets.

We found our common area assets were in need of extreme maintenance due to years of nominal repairs and lack of planning for continued maintenance and funding. Our goals then shifted to repair our assets, update the website, publish more detailed minutes, research how to remodel the existing building in a more economical way, and grow our reserve fund for future expected maintenance and improvements to all our assets.

Examples of repairs we accomplished this year include:

  • Removing tree branches, which over the years had grown thorough the walls and roof of the building,
  • Patching the roof
  • Replacing burned out light bulbs, fixing electrics and plumbing,
  • Painting the interiors of the restrooms,
  • Landscaping to prevent continued erosion to keep the fence at a consistent height per city code
  • Allowing the grass to grow by trimming the trees and adding sod
  • Replacing the diving board with stand
For the many more items completed this year please check the lists attached to the minutes from our Board meetings, now easily available on the updated website.


Working with the architect, (who worked on the previous expensive plan for a tear down and rebuild), we spent $3,000 to come up with a plan for remodeling the existing building and pavilion, one in which would not require installing a detention area and cutting down any of our trees.

Upon reviewing the budget for this new project, and open discussions in Board meetings, it was determined a cost of $400-500K, plus loan funding, was still too expensive for many. During these discussions we received a lot of input from neighbors about the poor quality of the pool hard surfaces and deterioration of pavilion flooring. Those same neighbors stated that the building was much improved with the recent repairs.

Where we are now… the needed repairs to the pool surfacing, including updating lighting, are quoted at approximately $130,000. Additionally, there are many other things that still need to be done. The two highest priority items are new decking for the pavilion, quoted at approximately $9,000.00, and a new roof for the building at an estimated $23,000.

The Board decided to do the following this year:

  • Replace the building roof, which is necessary to maintain the building’s integrity
  • Resurface the pavilion decking, for safety reasons.
These two projects will be funded from reserve funds.


The pool resurfacing will need to be funded by a Special Assessment of $400, to be collected along with the annual maintenance fee in January 2023. The pool project should start early in 2023 so it is ready for the 2023 Dolphins swim season.

We will also be asking for a second special assessment, due in the summer of 2023, to fund additional necessary maintenance projects. We are still working on the details of this second assessment but expect it to be in the $300-400 range. We will present these additional items before the vote on this assessment.

Due to the rising costs of Trash Services, Security Constable Patrol, Insurance Policies, Management Fees, Swim Contracts, Lawn Care, and the need to build up the necessary reserve fund, our annual maintenance fee will increase by approximately $79.00 per home.

Please join us for a discussion on Sunday October 16 4:30-5:30 at the Pool Pavilion. Leave comments below to give us an opportunity to prepare for the discussion you would like to have.

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