Welcome to Westchester in Houston, TX

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2023 WOC Board Members


Syed Zaidi


Secretary & Community Relations

Dath “Daith” Collins



Andrea Stevens



Jordon Giarratano


Trash Services & Pest Control

Sean McBeth



Jason Warren



John Henderson


Westchester RAP Editor & Website

Adam Hampton


Westchester Resident FAQs

Why do we use Crest Management?

Westchester utilizes Crest Management as a service provider and community partner, as they have 100 years of industry experience, they are locally owned and have proven to be committed to our neighborhood's needs and held up a high standard for community service. Their representatives have shown to be knowledgeable and helpful to our board's needs and questions.

Where are we with the new pool proposal?

The last vote, conducted in late 2022, resulted in not enough votes overall for a decision to be made in regards to a neighborhood assessment towards improvements to the pool. As of now (February 2023), the board is not planning on putting a pool proposal together, and will attempt to phase out improvements as necessary, and when funds are made available. If this should change, the board will communicate any progress or intent to the neighborhood.

What's going on with Texas Pride?

The board representatives responsible for trash and maintenance have spoken to the Operations Manager at Texas Pride and have communicated our neighborhood's issues and concerns with their recent unsatisfactory service. We, as a neighborhood, have been promised improved service and the board intends to hold our vendors to their contracted obligations fully. If any issues are noticed by our residents, please be sure to alert the appropriate board member.

Westchester Facts and Figures


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Spring Branch ISD

Our children are zoned to Nottingham Elementary, Spring Forest Middle School and Stratford High School

Strong Home Values

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